Have a happy and safe summer break everyone.

Poetry competition winners

As form 5 English classes ended, our students entered an in-school Flash poetry competition, writing short poems, written in impromptu fashion, inspired by 'The Red Wheelbarrow' by William Carlos Williams. His short poem is observational in style, simply written, but its subtle complexity addresses the nature of existence. Four poems were chosen by the English Department as standout pieces. Joint first went to Sophie and Tom. Joint second went to Aoibhin and Sarah-Jane. 
Modelled on The Red Wheelbarrow, Sophie writes about a 'black pen' that has yet to reveal the answers of life. At times the pen is 'chewed with uncertain anxiety', a standout line from her poem. Tom personifies the wheelbarrow and captures the interdependency of both wheel and barrow, while simultaneously highlighting the metaphorical 'weight' people take from each other. Sarah-Jane writes about a piano, with 'crumpled notes waiting peacefully for a song'. Aoibhin considers the paradox of 'unspoken words' and their potential to be 'drenched in dangerous doubt', a wonderfully alliterative line. They received novels as prizes. Aoibhin absent from photo.