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English Competition Winners

English Winners Dec cr
The English Department were delighted to announce the results of the Autumn Poetry Competition. Students had to take inspiration from our much loved 'conker', a true symbol of autumn in Ireland. The simple but powerful Charles Simic poem, 'Stone' imagines what it is like to be a stone. Modelling their ideas on this poem for inspiration, students applied this concept to the conker. 
We had many beautifully crafted poems making decisions difficult for the four teachers who judged. Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations to all our winners who received a selection of novels as prizes. A special mention goes to Tori for her poem picked as the standout entry. 
The winners included the following:
Form 5 and 6 category winners

Jack and Elizabeth

TY category winners

Jane and Simone

Junior category winners

Tori, Sheona, Clodagh and Jamie

Best poem overall: Tori


Go inside a conker,
For within lies a soul,
Yearning for a life,
But confined within
Green un-ripened walls.
The conker lies deceased
Encased in coffins velvet,
A dark hole,
That seems incessant.
A chink of light appears,
Perhaps the world is near.
A gust of hope passes
And falling to his fate
The conker lies free
Beside his previous state.
His thorns are left behind,
The barricade breaks.
He's no longer restricted, 
Whilst battered and bruised he's ready,

To live whatever his fate.