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Presentations to Mr Coyle

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The students in Wilson's Hospital School surprised the Bursar, Mr Liam Coyle when they formed a guard of honour and applauded as he walked between the two buildings today. Mr Coyle is retiring this week after almost 28 years as Bursar in the school. In Croí na Scoile, school Principal Mrs McShane made a warm and heartfelt speech outlining some of the many improvements and projects which have taken place in the school in which Mr Coyle has played a major part.

There was a video message from Dr Richard Clarke who was Bishop of Meath and Kildare when Mr Coyle started in WHS and until he retired from serving as Archbishop was a trustee of the School. Mrs Joan Bruton, Chairperson of the Financial Management Board, thanked Mr Coyle for his great work that always has the students and families at its heart. Mr John Rodgers, Chairperson of the Board of Management also thanked Liam for his dedication and hard work throughout the years.

Mrs McShane ended the speeches with a personal thank you to Mr Coyle for everything that he has done for Wilson's and for his personal approach with the students at the core of all of the projects he has overseen and brought to fruition.

During the renovation of the School Chapel (our Millenium Project) some verses from John's gospel really spoke to Mr Coyle. Unfortunately, the particular area they were painted in could not be preserved. So, Lucy and Eoin presented the verses on a new brass plaque to Mr Coyle. This will be dedicated by the school Chaplain, Mr Hawkins and displayed again in the Chapel to mark Liam's 27 years of service to the school.  Mrs Bruton presented Mr Coyle with a pastel drawing of the front door to the Wilson's building through which he has entered every day for the past 27 years for work. (The drawing was made by our past pupil Nicole Forster.) Mr Rodgers made a presentation of a foot stool with the Wilson's crest and encouraged Liam to put his feet up and rest! 

Mr Coyle thanked everyone for their kind words and best wishes. He reminded everyone of some of the times and people who particularly stuck out in his memories over the years. He paid a special tribute to Mrs G Devaney who has worked alongside him for so long and the late Mr Joe Weafer who was such a good friend to Mr Coyle. He said it was his pleasure to work as part of a team with so many people in Wilson's. He told us about the day he applied for the job in the school, on the day that one of his daughters was born! Mrs McShane and Mr Coyle both thanked his family saying they had supported him through so much in his years in the school. Unfortunately, we could not invite Liam's family to be present but Tori presented Liam with a bouquet of flowers to pass on to his wife Ann. It was a lovely event to mark his retirement. Mrs McShane explained that hopefully, when Covid restrictions allow, more people will be able to attend a social event to mark the occasion.

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