Classes continue this week.

College Awareness Week

CAW 2021

It’s college awareness this week and to begin the week the 6th year students attended a college talk for DBS hosted by past pupil Evan Hales. Evan is in 3rd year of a Business and Management degree and spoke about how to choose the right college course as well as what it’s like studying in DBS. Following Evan’s talk the 6th year students took part in a CAO quiz. There are more activities planned for all year groups throughout the week.

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For the last day of College Awareness Week our teachers and SNAs all wore badges showing where they studied for their PLC course or undergraduate degree. There’s been lots of interesting conversations around the school today with students asking about their experiences in college and their career timelines to where they are today. Thanks to all the teachers and SNAs for sharing their stories!

Where did your teachers go

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