Back to classes this week. Keep safe. Lets all play our part. Wash your hands, keep socially distanced and wear your mask properly.

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During the year, Mr Luthers started a woodwork club utilizing the excellent equipment in the Technology Room and supplementing it with more specific wood-working tools. The club met on Wednesday afternoons. Form 5 student, Craig wrote this article about pieces he has made. It is great to see such talent and skill.

Along with personal knowledge of whittling, this club helped inspire and teach me to make the numerous pieces. The club also taught me to use a pyrographic pen and a wood-turning lathe. For example, this small vase was turned on a wood lathe and treated with Danish oil. I also made this art pallet using the schools scroll saw and sanding belt, then adding decor with the pyrographic pen.

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This pen was made within the school when Mr. Luthers taught a group of us how to turn and smooth down the pen and assemble it. Mine was made of half mahogany, half walnut with a Danish wood oil. It is now the proud possession of my granny.

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These hooks where hand carved and then wood-burned in the school. Using the saws and sanding belt I made a wooden handle for a knife.

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During quarantine I have continued my wood crafting skills, including this hand chiseled box made at the start of quarantine, the hand carved ball in a cage, two tiki men I carved with chisels and a hand carved chess piece.

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I used chisels to make the MG car logo and a recently acquired Dremel tool to carve a tiny elephant statue. I enjoyed carving a Celtic weave into this piece of wood.

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