Enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe.

Form 3 Business Class in Tayto Park

On Thursday our 3rd Year Business Class travelled to Tayto Park as part of their Enterprise Module. This budding group of entrepreneurs raised 500 euro last year by creating a promotional video for the credit union. 
They had to spend the money on something educational. The day began with a 1 hour workshop/presentation on the History and the story behind the Tayto brand. The group were then given a tour of the Tayto factory and looked at everything from how the potatoes are washed, to the packaging of the crisps. 
The group were also given a tour of the Tayto Park Zoo and had some time to experience some of the entertainments that the Park has to offer. 
A word of thanks to Monique Freeman (Aunt of Izaak from form 3) who works for Tayto and provided all of our students with a substantial goodie bag as they left the park. 

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