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Sci Fest 2019

sci fest

SciFest is where second-level schools host their own in-house SciFest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) fair. The aim of the programme is to encourage an interest in, and love of, the STEM subjects. The programme is designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. This year Form 1 pupils took part. Congratulations to all of the participants and their teachers. The following is an account of their day written by one of the students. There are more photos on the school Facebook page.

In the morning, we went up to the concert hall and set up the tables. Each group got two tables. We put all our work on the table so the judges could see it. Some groups put their poster on the wall while others hung their work off the edge of their table. Some groups had all their information on their poster but other groups had extra information in a booklet.

When everybody was all set up, we sat down and waited for the judges to come around. By break time, every group had their project looked at by one of the judges. It was either Mr. Grubb, Ms. Mulligan or Mr. McKiernan. All of these judges were very nice and showed lots of interest in our projects. By lunchtime, everyone had seen a second judge and if you were in the running for a prize, then you would see a third judge.

The judges conferred between themselves. They were joined by Ms. McShane on stage. Ms. Mulligan gave us a short talk about how good our projects were and then she announced the winners. She started with third place which was the "Slime Experiment". She moved on to second place which was "The Difference between Natural and Man-made Insulation." Last but not least, she revealed first place, "How Different Animals Navigate Through a Maze."

The prizewinners were congratulated by the judges and their science teacher. Overall, it was a very successful day and a great experience.

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