The Government announced that schools are to remain closed until further notice.

Home Ec. students from Forms 3 and 6 visited the Museum Of Country Life near Castlebar today. They learnt how we lived in the early 20th century and how times have changed. The education department of the museum gave a seminar on the Irish Diet of old and its' dependency on dairy, potatoes and corn. From churn to skillet, the students took turns working the dash- which is attached to the joggler which mixes the creamy milk and separates it into butter and buttermilk. In olden times, it was considered good luck for anyone present in the home (family and visitors) to take a turn on the churn. The students saw how the butter was washed and shaped and enjoyed tasting it on brown bread. Everyone sampled the drained buttermilk and all agreed that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be! 
Thank you to all the staff at the Museum of Country Life for this lovely experience today.

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