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Inspired by Broderick - Poetry Competition


Wilson’s Hospital School would like to congratulate two of our finest Wilsonian poets on their fantastic achievement in a recent poetry competition. Juliet in form 1 and Sophie in form 6 both placed in their respective categories. Juliet placed second in the junior cycle level entry competition (covered forms 1 to 3), while Sophie placed third in the senior cycle category (covered form 5 and 6).

Westmeath County Library in conjunction with the John Broderick Writer in Residence organised this poetry competition. The writer in residence program is made possible by money willed by the writer to the library to enable such projects to happen. John Broderick was a renowned Irish writer from Athlone and the poems for this competition had to be inspired by titles of his novels. They were The Flood, The Fugitive, The Pilgrimage and The Rose Tree. Both girls opted for The Flood. We hope you enjoy reading their poems, too.

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On February 14th, at 5pm, at the Aidan Heavey Library the awards were presented to all poetry competition winners. Juliet and Sophie were invited to attend and read their poems at the ceremony. They were accompanied by English teachers Ms Bridgid Carley and Mr David Mahony. The ceremony was hosted by Annemarie Ní Chuirreáin, a renowned poet in her own right, known for her stunning debut collection of poetry entitled, Bloodroot.

At 4pm, straight after the mock exams for Sophie, they headed for Athlone to attend the ceremony. It was a wonderful occasion, well attended by new young poets, parents, teachers, some fellow form 1 friends of Juliet, local dignitaries, and a strong media presence. Both Juliet and Sophie delivered their poems with pride, passion, and gusto. Their talent was evident for all to see, and after reading their poems, I’m sure you will agree. They received beautiful inscribed trophies and decoratively bound journals as prizes.

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The school have had the privilege of working with Annemarie Ní Chuirreáin on three occasions for poetry writing workshops. The poetry of those involved can be seen on our Enrichment noticeboard in the school. The winning poems are posted there, too. Senior cycle students, including Sophie, attended these workshops, and while Annemarie is now finished her residency at Athlone library, more opportunities will be coming on stream later this year.

Once again, we offer our congratulations to Juliet and Sophie. We at Wilson’s Hospital are most proud of their achievements.



The Flood       by Juliet

Shards of glass, littering heavily to the ground,

Droplets continue to fall amidst the others creating a rhythmical



The current ripples unchanging as the flood begins to spread,

Leaving a distinct feeling of unmistakeable dread.


People gaze wearily, their smudged mauve beneath,

As they watch the flood wreak havoc like a sword from its sheath.


The ripples and waves cause the street to truly come alive,


As I wondered if the waves would ever cease to thrive.


THE FLOOD    by Sophie

In the stillness of the night, a sea of tears flood my blackening pillow.

I remember,

His smile: a mental souvenir of a treasured 'tomorrow'

My smile: lost in the black abyss, besmirched by empty sorrow.


Shaking hard calloused leather hands.

I - confined to this wooden pew.

You - confined to that wooden box.

All memories pricked and probed for faith and love.


Now, clambering bees, sing "Jubilate Everyone"

Voices shoot the silence.

Prayers flood the air; rising smoke signals of loss.


My pillow now blackened, my thoughts now numb.

A wave of despair, floods my broken heart.