Congratulations to the Class of 2019 who received their Leaving Cert results on Tuesday 13th August.

Christmas Dinner 2018

The Juniors were the first pupils to have Christmas Dinner 2018. They then went on to get their Wilsonian magazines.  There are more pictures onthe school's Facebook page.

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The Senior pupils gave a very warm welcome to the Form 6 pupils who dressed up especially for their Christmas Dinner. As always, it was a lovely community occasion at Wilson's. The Elf-On-The-Shelf even made an appearance! The dinner was followed by a Christmas sing-along and speeches from the Head Girl and Head Boy, Raimey and Edward. The Principal concluded the evening by thanking everyone who had made the evening such a special family event. She particularly thanked Mrs Mary Kenny and the catering team. Congratulations to the Wilsonian team who have produced another excellent publication of the annual school magazine. There are plenty more pictures on the school's Facebook page.

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