Congratulations to Favour who won Best Individual Voice in the All Ireland Light Entertainment Festival in Cork! The perfomance she took part in came third overall. Well done to them all!

Maths Week 2018

Maths Week 2018 is in full swing at WHS

There are maths puzzles and quirky maths facts to be seen all around the school. The Maths Club continues to meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There are Maths Quizes in various classes. Form 1 students have took part in Maths Week by completing a Maths Art competition. Winning artwork was displayed in the Maths Room. Form 4 and 5 were taking part in Maths Eyes challenges!

Winners, including the October Maths Puzzle included:

Kundai, Jamie, Oriel, Aaron, Roisín, Caoimhe, Shauna, Molly and Chiamaka.

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