Looking forward to meeting you at the Open events on Friday 23rd (for Day pupils) and Saturday 24th (for Boarder pupils).

Form 6 Mock Exam Timetable

Monday 29th January:  Art Practicals/Classes as normal

Tuesday 30th January:  Art Practicals/Classes as normal

Wednesday 31st January: 9.00am: English 1

Thursday 1st Jabruary: 9.00am: English 2     1.00pm: Maths 1

Friday 2nd February: 9.00am: Maths 2           1.00pm: Chem/Art/Econ/RE


Monday 5th February: 9.00am: H.Ec/Phy/Ag.Sci/P&S/Business   1.00pm: Irish 1

Tuesday 6th February: 9.00am: Irish 2      1.00pm: Bio/DCG/History

Wednesday 7th February: 9.00am: Geography

Thursday 8th February: 9.00am: Language     1.00pm: LCVP/Music

Friday 9th February: Clases as normal.


Good luck everyone!