We're looking forward to celebrating the academic successes of our pupils at Prize Giving on Friday 28th September.

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At a special assembly of the whole school, presentations were made to Ms. Bernadette Mulligan to mark her retirement from teaching.

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As the Principal Ms McShane explained that Ms Mulligan first started teaching in the school in 1979, she outlined the huge contribution that Ms Mulligan made to the lives of pupils and staff alike at the school.

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Mr Nigel Foley Fisher on behalf of the School Boards congratulated Ms Mulligan and thanked her for all of her work over the years.

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On behalf of the pupils, Asiosa presented Ms Mulligan with a bouquet of flowers and wished her well for her retirement. Sophie read a poem, Begin by Brendan Kennelly about moving from old times to new times and the value of both.

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Ms Mulligan addressed the assembly outlining her connections with the school through her father and nieces and nephews and then she spoke about the importance of kindness, family and the power of a cup of tea! She is wished much happiness as she starts this next chapter of her life.

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