Following an announcement by the Dept. Of Education and Skills THE SCHOOL WILL REMAIN CLOSED tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October. Supervision and activities will be in place for the boarders.

Debs reception

On 24th August the Class of 2017 enjoyed a lovely reception at the school before going on to their Debs. The "debutantes" and their families and friends gathered at the Caird Hall for a joy filled event. Of course there was fantastic style to be admired! There was also a spirit of excitement as news of everyone's plans for the coming academic year was shared. It was wonderful to see the Class of 2017 for this final farewell and we look forward to hearing about their future endeavours, and of course, meeting them at their reunions in time to come!

There are lots of photos on the school's Facebook page - thank you Chaplain Rothwell!

Group 2 cr