Good luck to the Leaving Cert students sitting their exams over the next few weeks.

Class Sports Events


24cr   19cr

Sports Day events are being held this year within each year group and in their class pods. Form 6 were the first group and had a lovely evening full of fun. There are more photos on the school website and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.

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Unfortunately, Thursday was very wet and Form 5 had to move indoors for their Sports events.

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Next up were the students from Transition Year who had their Sports events after their end of year Finale. After some events in the Weafer Hall, the weather dried up and they moved outside in their class groups and played rounders and tag rugby.

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The classes in Form 2 had their sports events in very mixed weather on Tuesday afternoon. Great fun was had by all! There are more pictures the school's website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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  33cr  35cr


Each class group in Form 3 had lovely weather for their sports events. 

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What a great way to end the academic year! The classes in Form 1 enjoyed their sports events after their last exam. It was a lot of fun. There are lots more pictures on the school's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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