Welcome back to school everyone.

On Friday 24th January, Wilson’s welcomed three people from the charity Bóthar.  Pat McCarrick is the Education Officer based in the Sligo Office while Pat Allen and Jimmy Lennon are both Bóthar volunteers based in the Moate branch. They came to meet some of the pupils and outline the work of the organisation and their work within it. Following the talk, three cheques were presented to them by pupils in the school.


First up were the Fifth Year Home Economics class members. They helped to make jam which was sold and €120 was presented to Bóthar.




Form 2 Gold CSPE were next with their presentation. The school had a soup lunch before Christmas and the difference in cost of the scheduled lunch and the soup lunch was collected for Bóthar. They are not quite finished their Action Project, but they gave a cheque for €432.50 to Bóthar. These pupils had also prepared refreshments for the occassion which were greatly appreciated!


Group cr


Finally, Transition Year Form 4 Gold mini-company, 4Au, sold Christmas Hats for Bóthar and collected €332.


4Group cr


Last year, the money collected by various groups in Wilson’s co-ordinated by Miss Mulligan collected almost enough money for a heifer. The representatives told the groups that the heifer from last year went to Romania as an in-calf heifer. They hope that they will be able to do the same this year with the funds raised by these projects. The heifer will be raised in Moate, and sent abroad to a needy family when big enough.


Well done to all of the pupils and their teacher Miss Mulligan.


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