Good luck to the Class of 2019 in their final period of exam preparations. TY students are on Work Experience.

Sports Evening 2019

The Sports events got underway with the Weafer Mile, run in memory of Joe Weafer who was such a great advocator of participation in sport while he taught in Wilson's Hospital School. The race was won this year by Evan.

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This was followed by the swimming gala and fun swims. Youth for Christ also had the Nomad Cage Soccer on the go.

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After tea, junior pupils played a soccer tournament and seniors played a tag rugby tournament. The Junior Soccer final was very exciting, being decided on penalties in the end. The winning Senior Tag team played a staff team. The evening ended with Form 6 pupils playing tag rugby against the staff. It got too late to have the annual limbo competition this evening but it will be held tomorrow afternoon instead.

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