Our first full week is complete! It was great to see the students and staff settle in to the new school year.

Science Week 2013

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Science Week 2013 celebrations in Wilson's Hospital School.


Science Week is an annually event in which science is celebrated across the country including in Wilson’s Hospital School. Various classes have been participating in numerous science activities as part of this week. Nationally, the aim of Science Week is to promote the relevance of science, technology, engineering and maths in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance to the future development of Irish society and to the economy.


Transition Year pupils are on Work Experience this week, but they did some Chemistry experiments for Science Week before they went for work experience and will be taking part in Physics work when they return. Form 5 Physics pupils used the IT room to design and publish Physics based crosswords.



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Other classes having been taking part in inter-class Science Quizes through the week. Winners in First Year were James, Jerimiah, Barry and Elliot; Second Year were Sophia, Teresa, Aoife and Naomi and Third Year were Lizzie, Chloe, Suzie and Lorna.  Pupils have been encouraged to enter a Science Quiz, based on their academic level in school. The winner in First Year was Rebecca, from 2nd Year was Chloe and from 3rd Year was Arlene. Thank you to Miss Devaney who organised the various quizes.

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On Tuesday 12th November, the third year pupils went to a science workshop in the Dublin Institute of Technology organised as part of Science Week 2013. This is an account of the presentation written by Euan:


The presenter of the science workshop turned it into a show. He stood up on a stage and performed science tricks and then explained them. Most of these experiments revolved around the properties of materials. He used plenty of “volunteers” from the audience! One of these tricks involved him sticking pencils through a freezer bag which was on Charlie’s head!


He said that his final experiment was going to be dangerous. He took out a stool and put it at the front of the stage. Here was one thing different about this stool. It had nails sticking out of the top of it. From our school Ruadhán and then Callum were chosen to sit down on the stool. They were both able to sit down on the nails on the stool. He explained that this was possible because the may nails sticking out of the stool were together able to spread the weight of the boys and let them sit.


All in all it was a great workshop. The time flew and it was very interesting and scientific.


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As part of Science Week 2013 Abbott Ireland (Diagnostic Division) based in Longford invited students from local secondary schools to visit the plant. Four pupils from Second Year were selected to attend from Wilson’s – Richard, Sheena, Louise and Robert. The following is an account from Richard of their visit:


When we arrived we were brought into a meeting room with students from nine other schools. We were all given a white coat and protective glasses and told about health and safety issues. The staff from Abbotts showed us various experiments.


We did an experiment that was called chromatography and involved mixing colours. There was also an experiment to test our DNA. We tested the pH in various substances like water, toothpaste, shampoo and other cleaners.


We finished with a tour of the factory and they showed us how they make the various medicines. We really enjoyed the day.



More information about events taking place in Wilson’s to mark Science Week 2013 will be available here soon. Pupils are already looking forward to Science Week 2014. More information about Science Week is available at www.scienceweek.ie