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Events 2017-2018

Sponsored Senior Rugby Jackets

We would like to say a massive thanks to Roy Ashmore and Ashmore Forestry for sponsoring the Senior Boys Rugby team a new set of Jackets after their success this season. The Seniors won the Vinny Murray Plate final 21-19 v Mt Temple. They lost out narrowly to St Mary’s 19-14 in the final of the Foster Cup. Well done to team Captain, William and the Senior boys after a very successful season. They have left big shoes to fill.

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Colours v Blues Hockey Challenge

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The Sixth Year girls (with three other players) played in the school Colours for the very last time in the annual challenge match against the incoming Senior Girls hockey team. Conditions were hot and dusty in the sunshine on Wednesday afternoon when both teams took to the pitch. It was a tight match but eventually the Colours team won 2-1. Mrs Scally (who played hockey for NUIG, Connaught and Ireland) presented the Cup to Lucy as Captain of the winning team.

The Senior Girls made a presentation to Ms Cosgrave as their team coach to thank her for all of her work with them through the season which saw the Senior A team win the Meath & District League. Today's match saw some players who gave up playing hockey return to the pitch and also some players who rarely play. While it was a competitive match, it was played in a very sporting way. Ms Devaney organised the event and Mrs Sweeney and Ms Cosgrave umpired. There are more photos on the schools Facebook page.

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Colours v Blues Rugby Challenge

The Colours team won the annual Colours v Blues team this evening. The outgoing sixth year squad (Colours) take on the in-coming Senior Rugby Squad (Blues) in a challenge match. The Blues had a few injuries which affected their squad but the potential of the players is clear to see. It was great to see Sixth Years coming out of retirement or playing after a long number of years! Parents, friends and past pupils were there to support. Mr Finnegan presented the cup to the Colours Captain, William. Mr Draper thanked Trevor McHugh for his work refereeing the Wilson's fixtures this year and congratulated both squads on the standard of the game. There are lots more photos on the school Facebook page.


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Sports Day 2018

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This year Sports Day took place on Friday 4th May. The day started with a sponsored 10km walk by all pupils and staff starting after assembly. There is an account of the Walk and lots of photos elsewhere on this website. After everyone recovered and had some lunch the fun activities got underway. Everyone had a really fun afternoon. The final event was a Tug 'o War competition. Then the Form 6 boys pulled against the Male Teachers and the Form 6 girls pulled aginst the Female Teachers. They were both very close and competitive but in the end, the teachers won both! The afternoon finished with the presentation of the Sports Awards. You can read about this elsewhere on this website. There are lots more pictures onthe school's Facebook page.

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Sports Day 2018 Winners

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The Sports Prizes were awarded at the very end of a lovely day of fun sports events in Wilson’s Hospital School.

One of the most highly anticipated awards is Athlete of the Year. It is awarded to the pupil who shows a great love for a variety of sports and who also demonstrates true dedication and commitment to sport in general while also encouraging others. Lucy was named Girl Athlete of the Year and Ryan was named Boy Athlete of the Year.

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Three new awards were presented this year. Mr Michael Finnegan is retiring at the end of this academic year. He has been involved in rugby throughout his years at Wilson’s Hospital School. This season, there was a very strong squad of Form 1 Boys and to encourage this pattern to continue among the future First Years the school decided to introduce a trophy especially for Form 1 Boys and they decided to call it the Michael Finnegan Perpetual Trophy to acknowledge Mr Finnegan’s great dedication to rugby at WHS. Frances and Freddie Butler initiated a beautiful wooden trophy for Junior Endeavour in rugby. Brian O’Driscoll is the only other person to have been presented with one of these unique trophies! From the hockey department a trophy for the Junior Girls Player of the Year was presented in recognition of the success of the team this season and to encourage players at that age.

Unfortunately, time flew by and the presentations had to end to allow pupils to catch buses. The remaining presentations will be made in assembly. It was a lovely end to the Sports Evening and Sports Day activities enjoy so much by everyone. Congratulations to all participants and prize winners.

Prize winners included:

Weafer Mile: Stephen

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Girl’s Player of the Year: Roisin


Andrew Dolan Shield for Boys Player of the Year: Stephen

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Most Improved Girls Player: Heather

Senior Girls Player of the Year: Hannah

Junior Girls Player of the Year: Emma

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M. Finnegan Perpetual Trophy for 1st Year Boys Rugby: Ross

2nd Year Boys Player of the Year: Reuben

Butler Trophy for Junior Rugby Endeavour: Edward

Junior Boys Player of the Year: Oisin

Senior Boys Player of the Year: Alex

Rosemary Maxwell Eager Cup for Girls Player of the Year: Emily

7s Rugby Captain: Mark

Tag Rugby Captain: Jeff

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Andrew Claxton Cup for Senior Sporting Endeavour: Aramide

Reg Catchpole Trophy for Junior Sporting Endeavour: Reuben

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Table Tennis:

Junior Player of the Year: Stephen

Senior Team Player of the year: Oscar