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February 26th 2018

Sports & Extra Curricular Events 26th February - 4th March 2018



Tuesday 27th February

Hockey: The Junior Girls team had a Leinster home fixture against Temple Carrig school in sub-zero temperatures which they won 1-0 cementing their place in a Leinster semi-final.  Wilson's got off to a flying start with a goal from Emma in the opening five minutes. The mid-field trio of Ayi, Kayla and Jenna sent some cracking passes up to the forwards who were unlucky not to score. The Wilson's defence was particularly strong today and Siobhan had her best game to date at centre back.

Temple Carrig regrouped at half time and came out strong in the second half. Destiny was clinical between the posts and made some top class saves to keep the advancing forwards at bay. Wilson's missed a couple of goal scoring opportunities to put the game to bed but they managed to hold out to the final whistle And will face Sutton Park in the next round. 

This is a fantastic result for the girls who have improved and grown in confidence as the league has progressed and they should be very proud of the way they presented themselves and the school today.

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Wednesday 27th February.  The weather got the better of these matches!

Rugby. The Senior Boys team were to have a game against Dundalk Grammar School at home. It is the semi final of the Shield. The 1st & 2nd Year Boys were to have an away fixture against St Pauls.

Soccer. The Senior Boys were to have a match against Edenderry.