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Past Pupils' Association

The Past Pupils' Association presented the Bursar, Mr Liam Coyle with a painting by artist Linda Payne (a fellow past pupil) to acknowledge his upcoming retirement. The PPA have enjoyed working closely with Mr Coyle over the years in many projects both school based and in fundraising. The PPA wish him every happiness in his well earned upcoming retirement. He has been a true gent to us all and a great help to the PPS's endeavours and he will be greatly missed.

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Two past pupils caught up recently at over 33,000 feet! Here they are after touching down in Boston airport. Moynagh Sullivan is a visiting Professor at the Centre for Irish Studies at Boston College MA for the Autumn Semester, 2021. She was delighted and so proud that her plane to Boston was captained by school friend and all around "shero", first European woman chief pilot at Aer Lingus, Captain Davina Pratt. This bit of Past Pupil news inspired another past pupil, Rev Jono Pierce for his weekly blog which can be read here at this link: https://www.facebook.com/210113819012945/posts/4926029680754645/?sfnsn=mo

Davina Pratt MS

The Class of 2009 organised a visit to the school as part of their 10 year re-union event. Despite the pouring rain, they met at the front steps and had a guided tour followed by refreshments with Mr Thomas Parke who was their Year Head. It was great to see them back.

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Wilson's Hospital School celebrated 50 years of female students! Back in 1969, the first girls arrived through our doors as Preston School in Navan merged with Wilson’s. 

A special Ladies Luncheon took place at the Mullingar Park Hotel https://www.mullingarparkhotel.com/ on Saturday 21st September.

It was great to see many past pupils, staff, teachers, mothers, aunties, friends and neighbours celebrate with us.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

All proceeds went towards completing our new Astro sports pitch.