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Wilson’s Hospital School has been competing in both Debating and Public Speaking competitions for many years. The Club is currently being co-ordinated by Mr Burke.

The largest competition country-wide is Concern’s Debating Competition. It has been running since 1984 and approximately 130 schools compete every year. The topics for the motion focus on issues affecting the Developing World, from Aid to the global economic crisis to the environment to sustainable enterprise.

Although students can only partake in competitions from Transition Year onwards, the Debating and Public Speaking Club is open to students in all years. We run friendly competitions with other schools for the Junior students. This gives students the chance to develop their oratorical skills and attend debates before having to get up on the podium themselves.

So if you like a good argument, stop fighting with people who don’t want to listen and get up, speak up, make a stand and make a difference!


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