Following an announcement by the Dept. Of Education and Skills THE SCHOOL WILL REMAIN CLOSED tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October. Supervision and activities will be in place for the boarders.

Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees 2017/2018

Fees Payable by 1st August 2017 and 1st January 2018

5-Day Boarding                                  €7,968.00   (€3,984.00 per half year)

7-Day Boarding                                  €8,628.00   (€4,314.00 per half year)

The Boarding Fee includes laundry of uniform, sportswear and undergarments.  Non-school clothing such as coats, jeans and other casual wear can only be laundered at a separate charge.

Overseas Pupils:

Additional Services are provided (including Airport Transfers) to overseas pupils at a rate of €2,234 per annum.

Subsequent Child Discounts:

To further assist affordability, the following boarding discounts apply:

2nd child - €386 per annum; 3rd and subsequent children - €624 per annum.


Subject to the Discount and the SEC Grant awarded, where applicable, not exceeding the amount of the Fee.