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Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees 2018/2019

Fees Payable by 1st August 2018 and 1st January 2019

5-Day Boarding                              €8,000   (€4,000 per half year)

7-Day Boarding                              €8,998   (€4,499 per half year)


Overseas Pupils:

Additional Services are provided (including Airport Transfers) to overseas pupils at a rate of €2,862 per annum.


The 5-Day Boarding Fee includes laundry of sportswear only.  The 7-Day Boarding Fee includes laundry of uniform, sportswear, personal items as well as non-school clothing.

Subsequent Child Discounts:

To further assist affordability, the following boarding discounts apply:

2nd child - €386 per annum; 3rd and subsequent children - €624 per annum.


Subject to the Discount, other Grants and the SEC Grant awarded, where applicable, not exceeding the amount of the Fee.