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Day Services

Day Services and Activities 2021-2022

Day Pupils may avail of services, activities and facilities of the Boarding School

1)  Day Pupils

Services include:

Mid-morning snack

Mid-day meal

After-school study (4.00pm - 5.30pm)

Extra-Curricular Programme (including Clubs and Societies, sports etc)

Matron - Medical care and routine treatments

Pastoral care

Chaplaincy service

Total Inclusive Charge - €1,400 per annum, comprising €800 for Meals and €600 other Services and Facilities (€700 per half-year, payable by 1st August, 2021 and 1st January, 2022).

2) Day Boarders (Day Pupils who wish to avail of Prep & Evening Meal)

In the event that pupils wish to avail of Late Evening/Night Services:

Total inclusive charge - €2,200 comprising above charge of €1,400 and additional charge of €800 for evening dinner and Prep. 

In the unusual circumstances that Day Pupils do not wish to avail of the meals and extra-curricular programme as outlined above, an annual administration charge of €200 will apply to cover book rental (subject to not opting out), lockers, ancillary services, photocopying etc.

Please note charges do not apply for tuition at Wilson’s Hospital School.