Good luck to the Class of 2019 in their final period of exam preparations. TY students are on Work Experience.

Day Services

Day Services and Activities 2018-2019

Day Pupils may avail of services, activities and facilities of the Boarding School

1)  Day Pupils

Services include:

Mid-morning snack

Mid-day meal

After-school study

Clubs and Societies

Locker & first lock

Matron - Medical care and routine treatments

Pastoral care

Chaplaincy service

Sport activities

Total Inclusive Charge - €1,300 per annum, comprising €800 for Meals and €500 other Services and Facilities (€650 per half-year, payable by 1st August, 2018 and 1st January, 2019).

2) Day Boarders (Day Pupils who wish to avail of Prep & Evening Meal)

In the event that pupils wish to avail of Late Evening/Night Services:

Evening Dinner                       -           €500 per annum (€250 per half-year)

Prep (Night Study)                 -           €250 per annum (€125 per half-year)

To facilitate families with more than one child at the school, a subsequent child discount of €100 for each subsequent child will apply.

In the unusual circumstances that Day Pupils do not wish to avail of the meals and extra-curricular programme as outlined above, an annual administration charge of €100 will apply to cover lockers and photocopying. Please note this administration charge does not cover Matron and other services aoutlined at (1) above.

Please note charges do not apply for tuition at Wilson’s Hospital School.