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Book Lending Scheme

Wilson’s Hospital School is pleased to operate a book lending scheme for the benefit of all pupils.   This Scheme will result in far lower costs to parents than if texts are purchased.   The School, in promoting this Scheme, is endeavoring to provide the best possible value to parents.   The following rules have been laid down to ensure the success of the Scheme.   The cost of the Scheme per pupil will be €540, spread over six years, giving an annual cost of €90.   If the Scheme is to operate with success it is vital that the vast majority of parents join.

1.         Parents will be given the option of joining the Scheme when a pupil is enrolled in the School, at a cost of €90 per year.

2.         Those who do not take this option may subsequently join, but must pay for those years when not in the Scheme.

3.         A parent who leaves the Scheme cannot be re-admitted unless payment is made for the period when out of the Scheme.

4.         A parent who leaves the Scheme must return all books to the Scheme at the date of leaving.

5.         Books lost, or damaged, (e.g., written upon) will be charged at full cost of replacement.   Failure to pay cost of replacement will mean permanent exclusion from the Scheme.

6.         Books are the property of Wilson’s Hospital School and must be returned to the School when their use is over.

7.         The value of books not returned will be charged.

8.         The School will be prepared to purchase relevant books in private ownership that are in good condition, provided that the seller is a member of the Book Rental Scheme.